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Medium of a polygon in Feko

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I have a simple doubt. I have a 2D polygon (XY plane) on my model and the incident plane wave and electric field is also on the same plane (XY plane) and the magnetic field is perpendicular to the plane XY (on z). Theoretically the monostatic RCS should be the same for a PEC and for a Free space medium inside the polygon as the wave can't penetrate inside. And, unfortunately I can't change the properties of the edges. Edges remains edges. I can't put any material for edges in the model. And, I get different results for a PEC and for a Free Space medium inside the polygon. Why? I have made a comparison on PEC and free space. Please help. 


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1 hour ago, mel said:

Hi Lostarmour


You attached a *.eps file. Please attach the cfx.

Hi Mel,


This is the cfx file. Here the medium inside the surface of the polygon is PEC. So, if you see my plane wave model of incidence, it should be the same if I fill the medium with free space. However, I have different results. Is Feko treating the PEC as a finite conductance such that causes some kind of current distribution on the surface even though the electric field is just on the plane of the surface? Or does it consider the PEC to be of infinity conductivity?


I have attached the free space model too.





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