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Right-click context menu : could be customized?

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Widget pathname of that menu is 



But from v14, it doesn't come in a static way (depends on what you click on) so if you add a menu item then it will be cleared before pop up.


To hook an item just before the menu pops up, thanks to Tk mechanism providing <<MenuSelect>> event. This is a way I used in menuexportdeck script:


proc ::nexpd::p_Initialize {} {
	set BindScript [bind Menu <<MenuSelect>>]
	if {![string match *::nexpd::p_HookMenu* $BindScript]} {
		bind Menu <<MenuSelect>> {+after idle [list ::nexpd::p_HookMenu %W]}
proc ::nexpd::p_HookMenu {menuName} {
	if {![winfo exists $menuName]} return
	if {[string equal Menu [winfo class $menuName]]} {
		if {[string match .model*.frmTreeArea.frmTree.* $menuName]} {
			set menuParent [winfo parent $menuName]
			while {![string equal TreeCtrl [winfo class $menuParent]]} {
				set menuName $menuParent
				set menuParent [winfo parent $menuName]
				if {![string equal Menu [winfo class $menuName]]} return
			set Hooked 0
			set Count [$menuName index end]
			for {set i 0} {$i<=$Count} {incr i} {
				if {[lsearch -exact {cascade command} [$menuName type $i]]!=-1&&[string equal "Export Deck" [$menuName entrycget $i -label]]} {
					set Hooked 1
			set Selection [$menuParent selection get]
			if {[llength $Selection]} {
				if {!$Hooked} {
					if {![winfo exists $menuName.exportdeck]} {
						menu $menuName.exportdeck -tearoff 0 -activebackground [$menuName cget -activebackground] \
							-activeforeground [$menuName cget -activeforeground] \
							-background [$menuName cget -background] \
							-foreground [$menuName cget -foreground]
						$menuName.exportdeck add command -label "Only Selected" -command [list ::nexpd::p_ExportSelection $menuParent $Selection 0]
						$menuName.exportdeck add command -label "With References" -command [list ::nexpd::p_ExportSelection $menuParent $Selection 7]
						$menuName.exportdeck add command -label "Save Geometry" -command [list ::nexpd::p_ExportSelection $menuParent $Selection -1]
					$menuName insert 0 cascade -label "Export Deck" -menu $menuName.exportdeck
				} else {
					if {[string equal disabled [$menuName entrycget "Export Deck" -label]]} {
						$menuName entryconfigure "Export Deck" -state normal
			} else {
				if {$Hooked} {
					if {![string equal disabled [$menuName entrycget "Export Deck" -label]]} {
						$menuName entryconfigure "Export Deck" -state disabled




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