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Moving coordinate system

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I am trying to calculate the flux density at the top surface of a magnet, which is placed in the rotor of an electric machine. Therefore, I have defined a support path at the outer top edge of the magnet. For now, I am only interested in the component of the flux density normal to the support path. I have created a local coordinate system with the y-axis aligned with the normal vector of the support path, such that I can transform the component of B in the global coordinate system to the local one and select on the the second component. This method works when the rotor does not move.


However, I would also like to investigate the influence of rotor movement. When the rotor moves, the local coordinate system does not move along with the rotor and therefore, the calculation described above does not work anymore. Is there a way to have the local coordinate system rotate along with the rotor? Or is there a different way to obtain the desired value.


Thanks in advance and best regards,


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Hello Ruud,

Sorry for this late answer.

Actually, the easiest way to perform your calculus with movement is to use a support, typically a path or a 2D grid. In both cases you can associate a mechanical set to the support.

If I have understood correctly your case, you can define your path in the mechanical set of the rotor. Once the project have been solved you can directly represent the normal (or tangential) component to this path. The “Curve -> 2D curve (Path)” menu allows to choose the normal component of your vector quantity (e.g., flux density) directly, no need to define an specific coordinate system.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

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