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Hi there,


I'm trying to connect my composite models together between blue component and black component by using area connector -> hemming,.

However, i modelled the thin red layer between those two components for adhesive definition (the reason why i do not use adhesive connector from thr first place is due to mesh size neccessity since the thickness of adhesive layer is relatively thin compared to other components while i would like to control the mesh size if adhesive component).


My approach was that in area panel choosing hemming type connector where is the location of elements is upper-red layer connecting to blue component and lower-red layer connecting to black component. The connector failed to realise which i do not know why, please advise.


Thank you.

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Hello NNapat,


you are right In Area Panel (Connectors) Use the connectors area panel to create connectors that represent connections of large regions,such as adhesives.These connectors can later be realized as standard or custom weld representations. 

The test points of an area connectors are characterized by nodes of an internal mesh dedicated to the connectors. During connector creation the internal mesh can be created by adopting the mesh used for the gap location, or the defined region is auto-meshed using a certain  mesh type. N.B  when the area panel is active , only area-type connectors display in the modeling window;graphics for other connectors types connectors are suppressed until you exit the panel.

Moreover kindly see the attached image for  OptiStruct hemming. If you still face problem send me the file I shall look over it. 









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