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Hi ,


Is there a way to edit panels created using *createmarkpanel?


we get a panel by using the command " *createmarkpanel nodes 1". We have only proceed option in that panel.
Is there any way i can edit the panel and create 2 buttons called "Reject" and "Return"




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I have a way, not official because hooking to panels is tough (it is not tk widget, it is C++).

Create a tk button looks like "reject" button, bind it with a script that clear mark then call hm_exitpanel

Place it over panel area just after *createmarkpanel (need to call via hm_setpanelproc)

Moreover, you need to raise it again whenever panel is redrawn (if you click "nodes" to popup advsel menu)


I will give an sample later.

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In below sample proc. I use input panel title to realize main panel that "return" button is placed on

I test with HM2017. Please test it on HM Desktop also




proc ::*createmarkpanel2 args {
	set proc [dict get [info frame [info frame]] proc]
	if {[string equal "{}" $args]} {
		set InputPanelTitle [lindex [set $proc] end]
		set CurrentPanelTitle [[if {[info exists ::hw::p_message_label]} {set ::hw::p_message_label} else {set ::HM_Framework::p_message_label}] cget -text]
		if {[string equal $CurrentPanelTitle $InputPanelTitle]} {
			lassign [hm_getpanelarea] PNx PNy PNw PNh
			place .panel_return \
				-x [expr $PNx+$PNw-[.panel_return cget -width]-20] \
				-y [expr $PNy+$PNh-[.panel_return cget -height]-20-[lindex [hm_getgraphicsarea] 1]]
			raise .panel_return
		} else {
			lower .panel_return
	} else {
		catch {lower .panel_return}
	if {[hm_info functionlock]} return
	if {![winfo exists .panel_return]} {
		button .panel_return \
			-activebackground #c06060 \
			-background #c06060 \
			-compound left \
			-font {{MS Sans Serif} 10 normal roman} \
			-foreground Black \
			-height 20 \
			-highlightthickness 0 \
			-image [image create photo imgBlank] \
			-padx 0 -pady 0 \
			-text return \
			-width 100
	.panel_return configure -command "*clearmark $args; hm_exitpanel"
	set $proc $args
	hm_framework registerproc $proc after_menudraw
	set ERCODE [catch {eval *createmarkpanel $args} RESULT INFO]
	hm_framework unregisterproc $proc after_menudraw
	return -code $ERCODE -options $INFO $RESULT


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