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WinProp TuMan

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I successfully created a cross-section and successfully created a track.  

I run a check on geometry and I get the error that a track isnt defined.  


The track is defined with 2 portals, nodes and has cross-sections assigned.  I must be missing come critical step that links this track to the cross-section?


Any tips? What am I missing here?





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You did great work, and my guess is TuMan is just a little too strict here. Go to the menu Edit / Track List. You will probably see two names there. One was created by you, Test3. The other one is just named Default, and was provided by TuMan itself. This track named "Default" has nothing assigned to it, so TuMan thinks you have forgotten something. If you delete Default from the list, TuMan may be happy with your design.

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The .wst files are among the WinProp examples in the installation directory:
C:\Program Files \ Altair \ 2019 \ help \ WinProp \ examples.
In the 2019 installation they are in 06_Air_Interfaces_aka_Wireless_Standards.zip.

In the 2018 installation they are in Standards.zip.

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