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Polarization properties

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Dear All,


Let us assume that we have a monostatic radar scheme when a Tx and Rx are collocated. A signal, transmitting by the Tx scatters on an electrically large object (human body) and returns to the RX. My question is what would be the best way to evaluate the cross-pol ratio (XPR[dB] = Total copol. signal[dBm] - total xpol. signal[dBm]) on the RX?


Thank you!


BR, Dimon

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Usually for monostatic RCS the source is a plane wave.

Then in POSTFEKO, if the source is vertically (theta) polarized just select to view the phi component to get the cross-pol.

With "Enable maths" you can subtract traces from another, e.g. subtract the cross-pol in dB trace from the co-pol.

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