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Tutorial File for Full Car Exterior Aerodynamic Analysis

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Hi Experts,

I'm looking forward to perform a full car exterior aerodynamic study. I've done with the tutorilas and implemented the same in my case too. But I'm getting some errors. The tutorial fuile I've been worked is a Plane with Wind tunnel (It does not have wheels. But When it comes to car, there was a need of integrating the wheel. So if there is relevant tutorial / model kindly share it with me. So that I can make the setup according to that file.


I'm getting warnings as below when I followed the tutorial file "Plane"


The tutorial I've been followed is "CFD-1400: Wind Tunnel Mesh"


WARNING: Surface 786429 of element BC "WHEELS tria3 fluid_hex pyr5" is in the interior


I'm also attaching the Acutail file for your reference. T3_EXT_Acusolve.bc_warningsT3_EXT_Acusolve.bc_warningsT3_EXT_Acusolve.bc_warnings

T3_EXT_Acusolve_bc.warnings T3_EXT_Acusolve.1.Log_acuTail.txt

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1. That warning indicates there are fluid volume elements on both sides of the indicated surface.  You should not have volume mesh inside the wheel itself.

2. I also see this in the Log file:  acuSolve: *** y+ is negative number


You may have other issues with the setup as well.  Can you post the .inp file generated for the run?  (Not the mesh itself, just the .inp.)  You may also be better off contacting the Altair support team in India.

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I would point you to the AcuSolve Training Manual that is included as part of the Help documentation for AcuSolve.  AcuSolve Training Manual > Theoretical Background > Turbulence > Modelling of Turbulence > Near-Wall Modelling.  This has a good discussion of the turbulent boundary layer, including Y+.  Note that in AcuSolve, the 'y' value used in the Y+ computation is the location of the first mesh node away from the wall, not the center of the first cell.

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