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2019.3 - Solver fail

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Hi Uri,


Yes , this is not a solver error. More information can be gathered from solver log (PoesisCasting.log) and error log (PoesisSolverError.log).

Error: Element 3127600 has non-positive size -6.30718e-12



Linear-Solver-Factory: Constructing a regular (non-complex) linear-solver 

Linear-Solver-Factory: Constructing a regular (non-complex) linear-solver 

NodeToNodeMapperUtility: WARNING!! : Part and Mold meshes are NO-conforming, Advanced Mapper will be used

Seeting the time step limits for the thermal problem     *** 

** Estimated min_dt for thermal shocks is 2.318450e+00      *** 

** Estimated Chorinov's solidification time is 3.057709e+00 *** 

** min_dt automatically set to 3.057709e-02                 *** 

** max_dt automatically set to 5.000000e+01       

Error: Element 3127600 has non-positive size -6.30718e-12


There is a mesh issue, the element 3127600 is wrong (please see the very first lines of the error) in , it does not even have same number of faces between part and mold. 

If you open the GDA in simlab you can check for quality and see exactly where it is failing.


We are still working on it, I shall keep update with you. 

pastedImage (1).png


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