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Problem about electric terminal

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I'm using flux 3D for my master thesis. But I met a problem about electric terminal of coil conductor region. When I assigned the terminal, the error happend. It is " On each volume of this region, the number of points on input faces must be equal to the number of points of the output faces and to the number of lines between the input and output faces. Please, modify the geometry of each volume of this region to resolve correctly this problem." But this volumen was built by extrusion. So I think the number of points and lines must be equal. How can I solve this problem?

Now I use non meshed coil to take place of these coil conductor regions. But the shape of non meshed coil is not the same as the origninal coils. I don't know, whether the shape of non meshed coil can affect the field? 



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Hello Xiaodong,

In fact, this error may have two different causes: or the section of your coil is not constant or you have points in the lines defining your trajectory. Since coil is defined through surface extrusion, I guess you are in the second case: the solution is to define new cross-section faces relying this points

I think that you should be able to define your non-meshed coils in a way that their geometry will be nearly the same you have in your meshed coils. Actually, depending on the application and the specific geometry, differences in coil’s shape could lead to important differences in magnetic behaviour (in fact, they can play a major role in local effects). In conclusion, in a general case, you should not neglect differences in geometry, especially in the areas where coil is near ferromagnetic components.

I am sorry, but for further help you have to send us your project in order to check it.

Best regards,

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