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CSTRESS and CSTRAIN for linear and nonlinear analysis of composites

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Hi Folks,

are the output parameters CSTRESS and CSTRAIN supported for nonlinear analysis of composites (nonlinear quasi-static, nonlinear transient...)? I was trying to analyse a composite component in two subcases. First small displacement with linear static analysis and then large displacements with nonlinear quasi-static analysis. For the linear static analysis results for ply related stresses and strains are obtainable. For the nonlinear quasi-static analysis no results for ply strains and stresses are given (only N/A is shown as result). This leads me to believe that CSTRESS and CSTRAIN is only supported for linear static cases. I had a look in the help material but couldn't find any conclusive answer to my question. Can someone give me an answer? Are the parameters CSTRESS and CSTRAIN only applicable to linear static analysis?





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