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No Animation files being created

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I am currenlt using Hypermesh to simulate a crash box. My model has Zero intersections and penetrations and the model check also Shows Zero Errors.

During Simulation, the error keeps on fluctuating negatively  between 0 and -2% and the dm/m value is also very low but constant=3.4636e-02

In the Simulation file, only one Animation file is being created i.e. A001. How can I Change the model to obtain the further Animation files?

Thank You!


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Unfortunately, even having different iterations of TFREQ and TSTOP is not working. I am getting the same values for  time step and only one Animation file.


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you are not getting the animation output because the simulation runs so slow it does not even reach the animation output interval defined. The reason simulation runs so slow is because of the low timestep which is 1.3e-7 ms, while the usual timestep is on the order or 1e-3 ms. The timestep is related to the Size of the smallest element (characteristic length) and Sound propagation speed (stiffness and density). While you can not change the material properties, you can remesh with larger element size and apply timestep control. For more details see the attached document from free Radioss ebook:



3_Timestep - Altair


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