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time changing simulation and arbitrary prediction plane

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In Proman, I am trying to do a simple time changing simulation and exporting the pattern from a arbitrary prediction plane that is defined in Wallman. As it can be seen on the images, I can only see changes in the simulation of the points on the floor (the prediction rectangle defined in Proman) and not on the vertical prediction plane that is defined in Wallman. Is there something I must enable in order to do that?

I am using standard ray tracing, the database is not preprocess.
The results for other times than 0 for the random prediction plane are also not in the ASCII file.


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As far as I see you defined a time-variant box and transmitter in your ProMan project.

Which version of WinProp do you use?

Please send your project (after export via File => Export => Export to zip) via e-mail (to reiner.hoppe@altair.de) and we will have a look.

Generally the time-variant simulation is done as a loop over stationary snapshots (after having moved all the time-variant objects to the current position), so as workaround you can also save the stationary approach and define one project per time step in ProMan with the corresponding .idb file.

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