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Bertotti and LS Iron Losses

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I am wondering between Bertotti And LS iron Losses difference. I know Bertotti model give us 3 main titles(Eddy,Hysteresis,Excess).
I am asking this question because, I saw in some tutorials. Sometimes when calculate iron losses, instructor use (Bertotti+LS)/2 ,sometimes only Bertotti Model. What is the difference or What is more right? What is your experiences ?
Another question is, when calculate ıron losses why we can't use first two steps?

Thank your for answers.


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Hello Berke,

Please, find attached a pdf which explains clearly the differences between Bertotti and LS methods and how to take advantage of them in Altair Flux.

The reason why you cannot use the first two time steps to calculate iron losses is that it uses derivatives and to obtain the derivative in point N you need the variable values in previous points (N-1 and N-2).

Best regards,



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Dear Alejandro,


thank you for your explanations on the loss models. Within the presentation you attached was a screenshot of an excel file for determining the coefficients of the bertotti equation. Could you also provide this file or is it somewhere in the FLUX installation folder?


Best regards,



Edit: I just saw, there is the path to the file: flux\Flux\DocExamples\Tools\BertottiLossesCoefficients

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Question is already answered..

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