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Intersection of elements

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I am trying to do a crash simulation and I have meshed all the parts. However, when I open the radioss file in HyperCrash, it shows me intersections.

I have tried using Type 7 and Type 24 contact with all the required parameters and stilll facing the same issue.

I need all the parts to be connected to each other. What can I do?


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I think the file has initial intersection. Contact can only create penetration.

Intersection is a CAD or FE issue. 


Check the intersections in Hypermesh using Tool > Penetration. This way it displays the intersections and penetrations part wise. 

I found 19 intersections in your model as shown in the attached image (displayed in white colour on grey elements).

You need to merge the nodes at highlighted location. Or, move the elements away so that there isn't any intersection.  



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