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I followed the Presentation instructions for the Vehicle Rough Road Simulations- Belgian Blocks and I get no output for any of my graphs or the animation. Right now I get this error first: 

WARNING: FIM failed. Attempting MKEAM....


and later on in the motions solve box I get this other error:

ERRMES:USER [334001]
<< ALTAIR DRIVER :: Error running STATICS/Static


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The model failed to reach a static solution, therefore it did not start the transient analysis, so, there are no results to plot.


Will need to figure out the issues with the model itself.



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Here is a workaround that will override the Altair Driver, get a transient analysis to run, and at least get some results out of the model, to help you for debugging purposes.


The process here will insert a Transient simulation command before the Altair Driver code takes over.


Step 1, open the .xml solver file written out my MotionView, and scroll to the bottom of the file.

Step 2, near the end of the file, you will find commands that look like this:


     usrsub_param_string = "user(6454, 10901010, 30101010,32802100,32802700)"
     usrsub_dll_name     = "msautoutils"
     usrsub_fnc_name     = "RUN_STANDARD_CAR_MODEL"


Step 3 - Right above this command, insert the following commands:

     analysis_type       = "Transient"
     end_time            = "4"
     print_interval      = "0.01"


Step 4 - Save the file, and run the .xml through motionsolve.  To do this from MotionView, you can use the "run panel" but you have to change the option from "Save and run current model" to "Run MotionSolve file"  You can then point to the .xml file you just edited.  If you don't change this option, MotionView will overwrite the .xml file you just edited.

Step 5 - you can then animate results, which can often be helpful in diagnosing the problem with the model.

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