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CSV Export Data, dq From ABC Macro

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Hello All,


Question 1:


This is regarding a script in the Flux 2019




In this script there is part for exporting data


# export table in CSV format



I stopped the solving process the "CreateLookUpTableFromTMProject.PFM" executed this "CSVExportTable" function. 



I started the the solving process again and now I want to execute this function outside in the PyFlux Command.

I want to export all the solved data into CSV format.


How I can do this?


Question 2:




In this script this is mentioned


   print "\n ***  user guide  ***\n"
   print " Your project is ready to be solved with RUN_ID_IQ solving scenario."
   print " You should define sensor for computing phi_a, phi_b and phi_c."
   print " You may use the macro CreatePark_dq_From_abc in order to compute directly phi_d and phi_q."
   print "\n*** Successfull end of CreatePark_Iabc_Drivenby_Idq macro ***\n'"




However, I know where find this macro.


Where I can find this macro?


Best Regards,








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Here the answer to your questons :

Question N°1 :

To export the data in CSV formt you can use the same python command as in the script or you can get the commande by exporting a curve in SCV formt from Flux 2D. If you want to do this for all the datan you can create a loop which allows you browse all the curves. The second choice is export the curve in CSV format one by one using the command generated before.

Question N°2 :

You will find attached the macro.  


Hope this will help.

Best regards.


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