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HyperMesh 2019 Assembly View

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:) it is quite similar to hm2017

I am sure that context menu settings of modelview are stored in .../br/views/common/menucreate.xml

There are 3 menu items existing in that file: Assembly, Component, Multibody

Same as hm2017


Could you try closing HM, delete hmsettings.tcl , hmmenu.set then open it again.


Other tests:

1) right click on a white space to see full menu "Create", are there Assembly, Component, Multibody in the menu?

2) check if it is invisible by enter to cmd window:

::hmbr::createentity::isVisible Assemblies content ::hmbr::createentity


above should return 'true'

If it returns 'false', we will debug it later.





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I think I found it.

In file .../br/common/operations/createentity.tcl


Please open it and go to line 70:

if { $types == "Assemblies" && $view == "assemhierarchy" } {



Please change it to be same as hm2017:

if { $types == "Assemblies" } {



In hm2019 the line indicates that only assemblyview will show menu items Assembly, Component, Multibody

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On 11/26/2019 at 4:02 AM, tinh said:

Hi Mr. @Q.Nguyen-Dai


I seem to find it in hm2017

I don't have hm2019, could you please zip folder <install_dir>/hm/scripts/br  and post here.


@tinh: I send you files of new release 2020 (your gmail). Could you have a look at them and update your custimization please?

Thank you!


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I'm not quite sure if it was already there in 2019.0, or if it came later, but you might get the old Assembly details in Model Brower usig Browser Configuration (RMB click in Model Browser >> Browser Configuration

This will get you back with the behavior from 2017.

Anyway, there's a dedicated Assembly Browser in HM now, that has all the capabilities there.




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