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Composite: Linear static analysis - Tutorials & Tipps?

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Hello everybody,

I am inexperienced with this software and generally with the simulation and analysis. I would be very happy to have your help.

I would like to perform a linear static analysis (stiffness). The model is a carbon fiber upper arm and i have the following questions: 

Question 1: When I start HyperMesh Desktop 2019 an application called "User Profile" opens and i have to choose one of them. Do you know which is the correct one to start in my case. (OptiStruct?)
Question 2: I have access to connect.altair and altairuniversity. There are some tutorials which explain that you have to import the model into hypermesh but i cant find them.
Do you know where they are?
Could you give me some tipps for my Project?

In this regard, I want to perform the following steps:
1. Import 3D geometry from CATIA to HyperMesh (OptiStruct) 
2. Define the geometry
3.Preprocessing of the composite
• Modeling of the composite material
• Create Laminate Modeling Concept
• Design of composites with HyperLaminate
• Define load and constraints
4. Perform analysis
5. Post-processing of the results

Best regards,

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choose the Optistruct user profile. 
Here is a video on how to import geometry:

I recommend you go through FREE eBooks: 
Practical Aspects of Finite Element Analysis

Introduction to Practical Aspects of Composites with Altair OptiStruct


Check the following webinar:

Alo search for other videos related to composites:


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Thank you very much for your answers! But I am still struggling to import the CATIA Model to HyperMesh (Optistruct), although I am using the licensed version of CATIA V5. (Attached you will find a picture of the failure)

Optistruct offers three composite modeling methods e.g. PCOMP, PCOMPG and PCOMPP. So I decided to use the PCOMPP composite modelling method, because it is a ply based  method. Do you think it is the correct one?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,

Catia-Hypermesh import failure.JPG

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