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Node Numbering for 3D elements

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I would like to have a node numbering in a prescribed order.
Requirement - Nodenumber sequence from top to bottom and follwing the same from left to right in the X-Y plane. This works well as shown in the figure. The requirement is to witness the same numbering order in all the X-Y planes along Z axis.




The drag option along Z axis is used to create 3D elements. I dont achieve the node numbering in the same order as that on the 2d plane. The node numbers skip and have no sequential order as shown in the figure below.  The renumber option available did not turn out to be of much help. 



Any sorts of suggestions or help is appreciated.




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Not sure what your final purpose is, but this is my suggestion:

If 3d drag panel does not make good numbering, you first duplicate 2d elems then translate them to form layers. Check their nodes number, are they ok?

If they are, then use 3d drag to create 3d elems, don't care about their nodes number.

Last step: equivalence 3d elems with 2d layers, confirm the option "keep lowest ids" then nodes of 3d will be replaced by nodes of 2d with good numbering.

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I needed it for the purpose of assigning boundary conditions with respect to node numbers. Found another simpler way to assign them.

Thanks a lot!  

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