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Turbulence Intensity Unit Clarification

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I have a question regarding the Turbulence Intensity parameter that is located under the solver browser in Hypermesh 2019.1 (AcuSolve User Profile).


What are the units of this parameter? Is it represented as a percentage or ratio? (I've attached a screen snippet)


For example in AcuConsole GUI, the turbulence intensity parameter is input as a percentage (e.g 2.5 for 2.5% turbulence intensity).


Best regards





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Hi Ydigit,


The issue is not with the definition of turbulence intensity but that my turbulence intensity parameter may be out by a factor of 100.


In AcuConsole, the parameter is called Percent Turbulence Intensity, so for this I would simply input a value of 5 corresponding to 5 percent.


However in HM Solve Browser, the parameter is called Turbulence Intensity. So should I input a value of 5 or 0.05 to represent 5 percent?? 


Hope this clears up any confusion.



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oops, I understood the question incorrectly. 


The default when creating a new inflow is 0.03. 

So it is good to assume that 0.05 would be a good input in your case. Also if you would like to verify this, you can open the .INP file that HM will generate after export in a text editor. 




Hope this helps. 

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