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Display load Collector ID's

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Hi Karth,

By clicking the following image you will be able to display ids:




1. Click on image.png

2. Click on "loads"


3. Check the "display" button


4. Click on "loads" and select "by collector"


By this you should be able to view load collector id.

Thank you.


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Yes we can see that panel "numbers" does not support displaying collector ids.


A workaround is to use a title (we are lucky because a title can be attached to a load)



A sample script is like below


*createmarkpanel loads 1 "Select loads to show IDs:"

foreach lid [hm_getmark loads 1] {

     set cid [hm_getvalue loads id=$lid dataname=collector.id]

     set tid load_$lid

     *createmark titles 1 $tid

     if {[hm_marklength titles 1]} {*deletemark titles 1}

     lassign [hm_getvalue loads id=$lid dataname=baselocation] x y z

     lassign [hm_viewproject $x $y $z] X Y Z

     lassign [hm_getgraphicsarea] gx gy gw gh

     *titlecreate $tid loads $lid 0 2 1 0 [expr $X/$gw] [expr $Y/$gh]

     *titlemodify $tid borderon "" 0 0

     *titlemodify $tid titletext $cid 0 1


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