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Display CONM2 mass value

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Hi all guys,


I'm modelling a platform with different devices linked to it. I modelled the devices as concentrated masses linked to platform with rbe2 elements.

The problem is that, activating Display Element Handles, I can see the element type name (CONM2) but I can't see the mass value of each mass.

Is there a way to display, along with the element type name, the associated mass value??


Thank you so much

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I hope that the following post will give some clarity.



Koushik Chandrashekhar

Project Trainee

Altair | Nasdaq: ALTR                                                                                              

koushik.chandrashekhar@altair.com | altair.com

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I only know the possibility to do it in the mass panel by the review function (except of course what Koushik said).



switch to update

press review and select CONM2 element


See attached picture


Best Regards,





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Hi guys,

thank very much for your replies.

I read the post from @Koushik Chandrashekhar but i didn't understand how to display mass values.


Then I read the post from @Mario and I think It could be a great advice to recap mass values when using CONM2 elements.


So, thank you very much to all.


Is there anyone with other advices?:)

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