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Balaji Viswanadh G

Time domain 2D plots for Transient Magnetic simulation

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I am a new user to FLUX software. I am trying to calculate induced currents on a neighboring conductor due to a current carrying conductor experiencing a steady AC 60 Hz current.

I learnt that scenarios such as this are best handled in transient magnetic simulation. I have set up everything and successfully executed the simulation. I am however struggling to post process the information. At the very least, I am struggling to generate a simple time domain 2D plot of source current (60 Hz, AC sinusoidal wave).  Any one please kindly advise how do I go about plotting time domain plots as opposed to generating an animation.  I am okay if you may direct me to the right section of any user manual.  

Please accept my apologies if I am initiating a new thread is not justifiable for this question.

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