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Hyperview Keeps on "Not Reponding" state

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I have always experience this freezing of Hyperview. My version is HV 2017. 

Every after few minutes, my Hyperview just freeze. So i have to open another HV to visualize results.

Does anyone here knows any solution to this problem? I have used 2 different workstations but still it happened.


Workstation 1:

core i7-9th gen

16Gb RAM

Quadro P2000


Workstation 2:

intel Xeon 2236

Quadro RTX 3000

32Gb RAM


Even my desktop with GTX 2070 nor my laptop with i7-8th gen and On-board graphics all experience the same issue. That might mean that the issue is on the software itself and no longer on the machine. Can anyone shed a light on this?

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On top of that, I cannot open multiple views in HV when I use the Workstation 2 with RTX 3000 GPU (a very capable GPU). I wonder if I have to change some settings on the GPU to make the HV show the multiple views option.



Multiple views is not ok. I just unchecked the "Enable GPU Computation" under Options --> Performance in HV. 

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