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From Flux to FluxMotor with Geometric Parameters

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I am trying to export a Flux geometry (of a rotor or a stator) to FluxMotor by following the "CreateFluxMotorInnerMagnet.pdf" file step by step, but placing parameters and references to the dimensions.

When I get the Excel file (in FluxMotor Part Library), none of the parameters are shown referenced, simply the points are placed with coordinates in numbers.




Basically, what I am looking for is to design a geometry in Flux and to be able to export it to FluxMotor, and being able to modify its dimensions like the ones that have predefined Fluxmotor. (e.g: be able to modify dimentions of  W1, H, WM, TM, etc in FluxMotor with my geomettry exported from Flux)




Thank you very much in advance

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When you create your part starting from Flux, the more drawback of this method is that your part is not parametrized. For this reason you don’t get any parameter on yyour excel file.

If you want a parametrized part, you need to create your own excel file using an excisting part (issue from FluxMotor).

Attached an PPT file explain how to create  a parametrized part in FluxMotor.

Best regards.


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