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How to export Mesh from Hyperworks 2019X CFD

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Good Afternoon,


I am trying to export mesh from Hyperworks 2019X CFD. However I have reason to believe that my install was corrupted. Attached are some pictures of my UI to show you what I have displayed. 


To start with, I am not able to view the components in CFD as I would in structural 2019X. I am not able to hide the components in order to view the mesh only. 

There are no options to export the mesh from the left side menu. There is no button based UI on the bottom of the screen as present in the optistruct version of the software. There is no ribbon at the top of the screen that allows for export. 

Please let me know if there is something with my install. If possible would anyone know how to re-complete the install/ fix the install?

Hyperworks Window.JPG

View Menu.JPG

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