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Poor Run Time Despite using SPMD

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I am using SPMD on the attached model with:


-optskip -mpi i -ldm -np 4


Without using LDM, I get a simulation time of 19 seconds. With it, I get 18 seconds. Is there anything else I can do to speed up the simulation? Am I perhaps using it incorrectly? I used the attached guide to start the SPMD run. I also tried SMP and it did not give any noticeable advantages.

HopperModel.fem OptiStruct SPMD.docx

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I got my sysadmin to update me to OS 2019. It currently runs slower than it did on 2017, please advise what the issue could be. The one labelled with _013 was run on OS2017 2 days ago. Without the label was run this morning with OS2019. I also have attached a run where I used one core and -np 4.


It appears that CPU time is not improved, however wall time increases. Is there a reason for this on my end?


Something which did not occur to me: is SPMD or SMP recommended for a single Linear Static analysis? I have four load cases. Is this something which can be effectively parallelized? 



HopperModel.stat HopperModel_013.stat

HopperModel_onecore.stat HopperModelnp4.stat

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