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Shi Feng

legend and concontingency cloud map about hyperview

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Hello, I have some questions that I hope you can help me to solve.          

 I want to automatically generate reports in the hyperview by coding. What I'm talking about is a model made up of several components.  

I don't know how to retrieve the component id that I want to hide, like the component called rbe2 , among all components.      

First of all, I want to hide the component named "rbe2", write the code as follows,


   myres     SetCurrentSubcase  caseid
   myres     GetContourCtrlHandle cont

   cont        SetDataType Displacement
   cont        SetEnableState true
   cont        GetLegendHandle cont_dis
   cont_dis SetVisibility True
   mypost   SetDisplayOptions contour true
   mypost   SetDisplayOptions legend true
   mypost   Draw;




But in legend ,I don't want the deformation value of the elements in the "rbe2" component that has been hidden. But it didn't work.         

Secondly, I don't know how to code for how to edit the legend of the contingency cloud map.  Can you give some examples. 

I hope to achieve the goal of legend as shown in the figure below.



Thank you very much.

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