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Shi Feng

why is the stress cloud map gray?

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hi, guys!

In hyperview, I want to display the stress cloud by coding. But I do not know why the model is always  gray.

The codes is as follows: 

   shiyantai_cont_$a SetDataType "Element Stresses(2D&3D)(vonMises,Max)"
   shiyantai_cont_$a SetDataComponent "2d_mesh"
   shiyantai_cont_$a SetDimensionEnabled shell true
   shiyantai_cont_$a SetLayer "Max"
   shiyantai_cont_$a SetCornerDataEnabled false
   shiyantai_cont_$a SetAverageMode Advanced
   shiyantai_cont_$a SetEnableState true
   shiyantai_cont_$a GetLegendHandle myleg_shiyantai_cont_stre_$a
   myleg_shiyantai_cont_stre_$a SetVisibility True
   mypost_$a SetDisplayOptions contour true
   mypost_$a SetDisplayOptions legend true
   mypost_$a Draw

There are two components in the model. One of them is named "2d_mesh" to store 2D mesh cells, and the other is named "tetramesh" to store tetrahedral cells.

When I run the above code, the system does not report an error, but the whole model is always gray.

Please help me.

Thank you  very much.

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