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HyperMesh 2019 - Modal Transient Dynamic Analysis with Acceleration vs. Time Load

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Hello everyone,


I am conducting a modal transient dynamic analysis and would like to ask if it is possible to input this acceleration vs. time data into a "TABLED1" load collector, or if there is a specific load collector that is used for acceleration data. I have looked online for tutorials and it seems "TABLED1" is only for displacement data, so I would like to know if this is the case. I have created the data in HyperGraph, and was also able to create it using the built-in "Curve Editor" in HyperMesh 2019 (although since I have more than 10000 data points the Curve Editor window doesn't open, so I can't show it here).


I have the geometry, mesh, SPCs, materials, and properties all ready to go...it's just that defining the dynamic load that is giving me issues.


Ground motion 1:



Ground motion 2:



Again, thanks for your help!

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You can add the acceleration vs time data in TABLED1 card (it just accepts x and y value which can be disp or acc or other). Create TLOAD1 where you can specify that the data is acceleration. Please find attached:

1. The screenshot  which shows the type should be "ACCE"

2. Tutorial: Modal Transient Dynamic Analysis for your reference (note that is does not elaborate analysis using the acceleration data)

Thank you




OS-T_ 1315 Modal Transient Dynamic Analysis of a Bracket.pdf


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Hi Prasanna,


Thank you very much for the help!


I would also like to ask another question: my acceleration excitation and my SPC constraints are at the same location - I am trying to model the scenario where there is a shake plate underneath the tower:



The tower is fixed connected to the shake table, but the excitation is applied to the shake table, and hence the bottom nodes of the tower... how would one model this interaction in HyperMesh? I can't run the analysis.


Thanks again!

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Follow-up question

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