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Am currently exploring how to integrate components into my ProMan simulation model. I've learnt that cables can only be connected between two existing components using mouse pointer. I am however finding it difficult (oftentimes frustrating) to understand couple of error messages that keep popping up when I try connect splitters -splitters , splitters-antennas etc.,

1) Could not connect cable, not enough exits available on components and

2) Cannot connect cable,  connection would cause a closed circuit

I suppose I may need some tutoring on basic fundamentals that govern cable connection principles.  I could not find much help in ProMan user guide. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day


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Hello Balaji,


a short introduction how to use components is given in the ProMan user manual chapter 6.1.7.

Generally we recommend to place the TRX (better use TRX instead of Tx & Rx) and the antennas first.

Then place the splitters in the next step.

And finally connect all the components using cables.


The TRX have one input and one output port, you need to select the output por for the cablingt.

The splitters have one input port and 2 (or 3) exit ports, so you need to select for the first cable (or the first two cables in case of 1:3 splitter) which exit port shall be used.


Best regards,


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