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Import Pressure Loads from File - Unsatisfactory/Problems

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Dear All,

I am currently modelling a wing-like structure which generates lift and is of course loaded by a aerodynamic pressure.

I have received a list of aerodynamic loads from pressure and suction side, which I transformed into my models coordinate system. My table looks something like this:


76 405 1,2
-82 77 410 1,3
-81 77 414 1,4
-81 78 418 1,5
-80 79 422 1,6


I have X,Y,Z coordinates as well as magnitude and its fitting quite well with my geometry, albeit not perfectly.

Now if I apply this pressure using linear interpolation to my whole wing, its working fine. However I only need those pressures on one side, which is why I am only selecting the lower face.
When I click "create" its calculating and then giving me the message "No pressures were created" without telling me why. Upper side is also not working.

Furthermore, when I am looking at the pressure created with the full wing, all pressures have the exact same magnitude, which kind of diminishes the point of importing pressure loads.


Have I completely misunderstood the input data I need or is there something else going on? unfortunately the model is classified and I cannot share it, but I hope someone of you knows what has been going on. :)


Thank you for reading this far and best regards,




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You're right, I kind of expected this... I had just hoped I was doing some more obvious mistake.

I had been searching in this forum and for this importing of loads someone had uploaded 2 files as tutorial where I could learn how it works.

Unfortunately they were not available anymore.


Is some sort of tutorial available for importing pressures from a .csv? That would really help me understanding my mistakes. :)

Thanks you your help.


Best Regards,


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