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I am facing a problem while creating a 2D surface mesh in TCL Code in hypermesh.

The settings done in "*interactiveremeshsurf" and "set_meshfaceparams" seem to be ignored for all surfaces

and overwritten by the settings written the GUI at 2D-->Automesh-->Edge deviation.


The code can be seen below:

	*setedgedensitylinkwithaspectratio -1
	*elementorder 2
	*startnotehistorystate {Automesh surfaces}
	*createmark surfaces 1 [lindex $List_OP($i) 0]
	for { set ii 1} {$ii <=[llength $List_OP($i)-1]} { incr ii} {
	*appendmark surfaces 1 [lindex $List_OP($i) $ii]

	if { 1<=$i && $i<=3 } {
	# markmask, elementsize, elem_type (0 trias, 3 rtrias) 
	*interactiveremeshsurf 1 0.25 3 3 2 1 0	
	set i_am 0
	foreach Element $List_OP($i) {
	# index (von 0), elem_type, alg_type, elem_size	
	*set_meshfaceparams $i_am 2 3 3 0 1 0.5 1 0
	*automesh $i_am 1 3
	incr i_am
    *storemeshtodatabase 1
	*clearmark surfs 1;
	*endnotehistorystate {Automesh surfaces}

Am I missing some command?


Thanks and best regards,


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