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I would like to perform constituent material property calibration (tow and matrix) in Hyperstudy by coupling Multiscale Designer and Radioss models, similar to:




I need to write the solver script that would generate a multiscale material model at each iteration.The Multiscale Designer graphical user interface does not show the commands that are used in the back end programs.


Edit: The command lines can be found in the MDS user manual.  
There is a command for Homogenized Linear Material Export, but the command for multiscale material export is missing. Is this command not available or just missing in the manual?



01 Parametric Unit Cell Model Run
02 External Unit Cell Model Run
03 Linear Forward Homogenization Analysis Run
04 Linear Inverse Optimization Analysis Run
05 Reduced Order Model Run or Linear Forward Homogenization Analysis Run
with Thermal Expansion Considered
08 Nonlinear Forward Homogenization Analysis Run
09 Nonlinear Inverse Optimization Analysis Run
10 Stochastic Forward Homogenization Analysis
12 Stochastic Inverse Optimization Analysis
19 Injection Molding *.h5 to *OriTensor.dat conversion
20 Homogenized Linear Material Export


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thanks for your response, but I have already found the command line for linear material export. The query is regarding non-linear (multiscale) material export.


I hope the Multiscale Designer and Hyperstudy will be coupled similar to Multimech in the future versions.

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