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Hey commuinty :)


last night I got the idea of creating a guitar tuner using activate ;)

Now I am curious if there is a way to get microphone access using the OML language.

If not, i am sure there is a way by using Python language.


Basically I just need to record an audio sequence and process it with my future activate model.


Is there a way to interrupt the the process for recordingI will put that question in a new topic ;)


best regards



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I've used pyaudio in the past to create .wav files, which is a package that is able to input/output audio.

Steps to install the package:


  1. Open the command window (cmd) as Administrator


  2. Type cd C:\<Compose_installation_folder>\common\python\python3.5\win64


  3. Type python.exe -m pip install pyaudio

There are some examples at GitHub:



And pyaudio documentation is at https://people.csail.mit.edu/hubert/pyaudio/docs/ - the class stream probably achieves what you are looking for.





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