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Transient temperature analysis

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I would like to make a transient analysis with temperature. I mean:

  •  Going for example from 17 to 23 degrees of the temperature of a body in 1 hour. Making steps of 10 minutes for example (total of 6 steps).

I tried to do it with TABLED, TSTEP and creating a temperature LOAD but it doesn't work. It says :


" *** ERROR # 2094 ***
 EXCITEID on TLOAD1 # 17 data references follower force or nonexistent 
 DAREA/static loading with ID # 16."


Could you help me?


Big thanks in advance

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Thanks! Now I changed the load step to a transient analysis because I am gonna set up an ambient temperature and with convection and conduction see how the temperature increases in the solid and also how it deforms.


Nevertheless in a tutorial about "Transient Thermal Stress Analysis" it says that I have to create a CONVECTION interface and refer it to the Material I just created.



That material is also created in the tutorial and it is a MAT1 with data for MAT 4




But when in the convection card image I try to select that material it doesn't appear


How could I fix it?



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