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Debdatta Sen

Get of files containing filenames only from a given directory

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Let's say I am in directory C:\Test
This directory contains many different files including some H3D Files.
I want to create a list containing the names of these files only.

What is the best way to go about it?

Using 'ls' or 'system' can be used with the wildcards, but returns a lot of unwanted information as a string.
It is not very eays to filter this output.


I am looking for a command similar to 'glob' in TCL.

All I want is a list of files containing a specific extension to be returned.

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If you are already in the directory where you should look for the H3D files, you may use the function dir followed by .h3d extension:

     myfiles = dir('*.h3d')

It will return a list of .h3d files.

     length(myfiles) --> total number of .h3d files

     myfiles(i).name --> access to the .h3d file name according to the index i, which ranges from 1 to the number of files

And other details about these files are also available, such as date of creation, size etc.


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