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Hi all,


I am trying to run a multibody simulation in Motionview.

However, I am getting an error which I have never seen before and hence,

cannot guess what to do.


A snapshot of the error is attached. It goes like "No Element found at line 9".

However, my simulation is only with rigid body with contacts, joints etc defined.


Has anyone ever experienced such an error? If, yes can you please help me to solve the problem!

Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!




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There may be a possible problem with how you have defined joint friction.  I would try running the model with Joint friction turned off.  Actually, you should only use Joint friction for very specific use cases, and only then if you have the correct data to fully populate the model.


In general when I face difficult models like this, I simplify them until I get it to run successfully.  Then I gradually build up the complexity in the model.  That way, when I face an issue, it's easier to identify the source.

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Thank you very much for your reply. 


I have not defined joint friction in my model. 

The model is very complex for sure, but it is not possible to make it more simple.


This error appears when i import an FMU (a block exported from Activate). The FMU is also very complex and the same error appears when i only import the FMU in an empty MotionView model. So i believe there is a problem with the FMU. 


After all, I am trying to understand the error. I have faced this error many times before. Do you know what is it's refference? 


Thank you very much,

Best regards 

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