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RBE3 elements and boundary conditions

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Good afternoon,


I am simulating a chassis structure, and I want to simulate the posibility that extreme supports can rotate (there is no restriction from wheels, as I send attached the picture. I am thinking into define a node, connect it with the two supports from my chassis, and restrict the dof of the node (X and Y displacements and X and Y rotations in one side, and Y displacements and X and Y rotations on the other side). How can I do that in Simlab? Thanks in advance.

Note: X and Y are included on the plane of the drawing.


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Hello JJJ


You can connect the supports in the chassis to the defined node using RBE from Analysis > Loads & Constraints > Connectors > Manual RBE


image.png.2d3de7e5e87f687e56a9507216748925.png                                    image.png.aa61f92ee893333e4ad5840d8d3008f0.png    






For restricting the DOF's of the Independent node of the created RBE's, apply Property from Analysis > Property. 


Select the RBE's from the Model browser. Set the Entity as RigidBar Type as Rbe2. Set the DOF of the Independent node in the DOF tab.




 image.png.fac3d4ab2f442b6081480ac9a770e393.png                image.png.42386ab1259a35eca4451ccdc504baa2.png


Kindly let us know if you have any doubts.


Note: I have already replied to your query in the following link


Thanks & Regards

Nantha Kumar N

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