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Fady Farouk

Hyperstudy skips evaluation

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I have run a succesful setup with LS-Dyna and extracted the responses correctly,


However when I run a DOE it succesfully evaluates however the runs of the DOE are skipped, it goes through them quikcly and I get this warning:


85 Warning: Skipping evaluation of model ( Parameterized_k ( Parameterized_k ) ).

No Responses or retained Data Sources depend on this model.


I am not sure why it does this as I am sure my response is referencing the correct file. s\HyperStudy\Test\approaches\doe_1-def\run__00001\Parameterized_k\matsum


The doe file has all the run000 folders but they are all empty.


Any help would be appreciated.






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I have had this issue before. I can usually fix it by deselecting and reselecting the check boxes under "define models". That is, DOE1 -> Definition -> Define Models. This will also make all the input variables as active, so if any of them were inactive, you will have to uncheck those boxes again. Hope this helps.

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