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Simulate Robot Arm by using Activate

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Hi experts,

I'm new to the Model-Based Development solutions, i'm doing a project on controlling Robot Arm by using Activate and Embed. My model include 4 DoF Robotic arm, 4 Servo MG90, 1 Arduino R3 and 1 joystick. I tried to control the robot by programming at Arduino, but i can't find way to control this model by using Compose, Activate and Embed.

I don't have much exp so can you guys show me the details? 

Best regards.

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22 hours ago, robertavarela said:

Have you watched the Arduino Series at Altair Embed website? It is a good source of information to start with: https://solidthinking.com/resource/9673/?weight=2





I did but i don't know how to change PWM to PPM to control the servo SG90, can you show me an example? 

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Please find some inputs on the servo motor (point to be noted is the diagram is run at 50Hz so that the desired PWM frequency can be achieved for the servo) as well as the joystick using Embed. 

Let me know if you need further inputs. In addition please post your embed questions if possibleon the embed section of the forum  !



Ex7_Servo_motor_control.vsm Ex7_Servo_motor_control_triangular.vsm joystick_Test.vsm

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