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I am not able to find any specific information in the Knowledge Base about what's included in the log file when running a motion solve simulation.
More specifically, about the Time specific infos written (ex:  Time=3.409E-03; Order=1; H=3.409E-03 [Max Phi=5.269E-16])
I assume this info is not written at every integrator timestep, so when are they written? (every X integration steps? or something else? )
Moreover, what does the Max Phi corresponds to? H is for the time step, but what is Max Phi for?

Thanks a lot

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To get more information at each integration step, you can turn on the debug output in the simulation settings.  This significantly increases the size of the log file.  We also offer a "Tuning and Customization" course for MotionSolve that covers the log file in a bit more detail.


Max Phi really isn't documented externally.  Max Phi represents the maximum error in the constraint equation.  However, I find that I don't really this this value for debugging runs that are not converging or for optimizing solutions. 


If you facing difficulties getting convergence on a solution, please feel free to reach out to our normal support channels.  We are here to help.

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