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Translating and Rotating an Object

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I am trying to simulate the pushing force required to deflect a spherical magnet away from a fixed disc magnet. I have already run a simulation of it, please see below:




  • The arrows indicate the magnetic field directions that I have applied to each magnet
  • The direction of deflection is indicated with the red arrow


However, during the physical experiment for this, the spherical magnet rotates as it deflects (So its south pole is pointing towards the static disc magnet). At maximum deflection, the spherical magnet deflected 90 degrees upwards (so the arrows on the picture above would be pointing in the positive z direction).


My question is:

  • How can I add a rotation or a mechanical set that allows the spherical magnet to rotate about its x-axis centreline while it translates?
  • For my translation, I have done 20 steps of 1mm to get it from 0-20mm deflection
  • So for rotation, I guess I would want to do 20 steps of 4.5 degrees, but I only know how to translate objects about a fixed point, not a moving one


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated


Many Thanks



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