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Alex G

Search Coil not giving response

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I'm trying to make a model to reflect a real life test rig, which is in essence an epstein frame. I've added non meshed coils for the primary (drive) windings and the secondary (search) windings.

For the secondary winding I have modelled a stranded coil conductor with imposed current of 0A, like I saw in one of the tutorials. However this is not giving any response when I run my simulation. Why not? 

I am also using 2 symmetry planes. Can anyone confirm if non meshed coils are also included in the symmetry?

Is there any easier way to measure average flux density in my core material? I am trying to obtain a Flux Density of 1T at varying frequencies, at the moment I can only obtain this by trial and error, manipulating the current for each frequency value.


The person who supports me with this is not contactable due to corona so I have no one else to work with who knows the software.
Any help is greatly appreciated.




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