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Can you be more specific about the problem you are having?

To get forces, you need to create an Output that requests Forces.


Usually, if you are trying to understand the loads on a component, you will create an Output that requests Forces on a Body.  When you solve the model, motionsolve creates individual results for each joint, bushing, spring, etc. that is attached to that body.  It also creates a .meta file that allows you to take advantage of the Load Export Utility, which is helpful for getting loads into FE analysis.  Also, using the method, it allows you to visualize the Force and Moment vectors in HyperView.


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Thank you so much,

For your reply, 

But can you please , explain how i can do this Or how i can create an output that request forces on joint. A little step by step process.or any webinar link that help me . 

Waiting for your answer !!!

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Tutorial MV-1035 Analysis of a retractable landing gear takes you through the basics of adding outputs.


Note that the most typical use case is to output Forces on the Body, as this is what is commonly used to calculate loads for FEA.  A joint is really just a constraint between two bodies.  The forces are still acting on the two bodies.  Therefore the force on the joint is just the reaction force on the body.


when you create an output, you first select the type (Displacement, velocity, acceleration, Force, etc), and then you are given options about which entity you want to select for the output (Joint, Spring, Force, Body, etc) based on your selection.


Note that outputs are by default reported in a global reference frame.  If you need to output data in a different reference frame, you should create a marker, or use one of the implicit markers.


It sounds like you should also take advantage of our online training classes as well.  You can signup for those on the main altair hyperworks website.

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