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How to measure the angle of rotation using TH/spring or TH/Rbody?

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Dear Altair support team,


Recently, I have carried out a bending simulation on the sturctural members jointed using a spring element as a weld as shown in the first Figure.

The simulation works very well, I can obtain the data that I measure like force and moment, except for the angle of rotation around x axis.


Previously, I have been trying to use Spring and Rigid elements to track the angle of rotation since the HyperWorks Help indicates that we can obtain

the angle of rotation using those element tyupes (Help is captured and shown in the second Figure).  

But they didnt provide me a resonable result as expected.

If I need to track the angle of rotation θ showed in the first Figure, what is the approach that I can use in this situation? 


If you need futher information please let me know.


Best regards







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Hi Simon,


Thank for your reply,


I just want to track the angle varied over the time. To plot it as an x-axis in the bending graph.


best regards,


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Hi Wisawanart,

Using one of the angle measure options in HyperView is probably the easiest to do.  After you create the measure, you can then plot the angle.


The rotation of the spring should also work but might be a more complex to setup.  You would need to use a /PROP/TYPE13 and with zero stiffness.  Note that the output of the spring will be in radians in the spring's local coordinate system as described in /PROP/TYPE13.  




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