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Hello, I am running a script in batch mode on Hypermesh 2019 and I would like to print everything the program is doing instead of "Ready" and then close. This is what I have but doesn't seem to print anything:


xxx\altair\v2019\hw\bin\win64\hw.exe -b -p mvw_file -tcl script.tcl

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sample like this:

package require Tk

set w [toplevel .output]

wm title $w "Output status:"

set t [text $w.t]

pack $t -fill both -expand yes

#output everything you need:

$t insert end "script is running at stage #???"



Another way, easier, you output status to a text file, as almost FE solvers do (nastran outputs to f06, optistruct outputs to .out , dyna outputs to d3hsp...):

set fpt [open output.txt a]

puts $fpt "script is running at stage #???"

close $fpt


use tail.exe to see the newest message

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