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Moawez Zamir Awan

*** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3.

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01 OG RotorHi! I am really new to this software and facing a lot of issues. I am currently performing size optimization on my model but it is showing some error. I read online that if I choose PSEHLL as my property it should cancel the error but it's not working. Please help I have attached my model file in this message.

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Hi, I have a similar error in a free shape optimization: 


 *** See next message about line 55 from file:
  (this is continuation line 2 of DSHAPE,1 bulk data)
  "+       GRID    ID      0"
 *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data:
 Incorrect data in field # 4.


A simple analysis runs perfectly fine and I don't know where this error comes from exactly. When looking at the section in the input file:


$HMNAME DESVARS        1designvar1
DSHAPE         1
+       PERT    BOTH    0.5     10      10.0    10.0    1       1       
+       GRID    ID      0       


I defined the nodes to be optimized as a set which has the ID 3, however in the input file this is not represented correctly! When importing the same input file for testing, an error message shows up:


Warning:  No grids are defined for DSHAPE with id 1
                Resolution:  This may result in incorrect definition.
Summary:Feinput finished with 0 errors and 1 warnings.

When I manually change the DSHAPE section to reference the node set 3 and start Optistruct as standalone instance, it asks for a design objective reference to proceed with a minmax problem, which is not what I defined. What's going on here?





EDIT: I found out why this was the case. I read somewhere in the HM files that you should use the menu on the lower part of the screen instead of the model tree on the left and it worked now!

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