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Vlad VB

Connectors to a specific component

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    Questions on creating of connectors. When I c create a connector it creates all new components, props, mats, sets, groups (LS-dyna) every time. Is there a way to code in so connector will get be created into active component?

 eval *createmark components 2  $assemnamelist
*createstringarray 37 "link_elems_geom=elems" "link_rule=now" "link_rule=now" \
  "relink_rule=none" "tol_flag=1" "tol=10.000000" "line_spacing=30.000000" \
  "line_density=0" "line_offset_flag=0" "line_offset=0.000000" "retain_line=1" \
  "ce_normal_link=0" "ce_nonnormal=0" "ce_fedepth=1.000000" "ce_fewidth=1.000000" \
  "ce_systems=0" "num_node_flag=0" "num_node=3" "ce_fe_vector=0" "ce_coarse_mesh=3" \
  "ce_connectivity=0" "ce_dir_assign=0" "ce_prop_opt=0" "ce_fe_density=1" "ce_fe_thck_flag=3" \
  "ce_fe_acm_numhexa=1" "ce_fe_proj_hexa_face=0" "ce_fe_hexa_ensure_projection=0" \
  "ce_diameter=5.000000" "ce_quad_size=0.000000" "ce_centered_quad=0" "ce_cwelds=0" \
  "ce_extralinknum=0" "ce_hexaoffsetcheck=1" "ce_bl_connection_ang=10.000000" \
  "ce_lt_connection_ang=60.000000" "ce_elem_opt=0"
*CE_ConnectorCreateByMarkAndRealizeWithDetails lines 1 "spot" $num_of_layers components 2 "lsdyna" 1001 102 10 1 37 



Thank you 


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Before creating connectors you should activate entity recorder by using hm_entityrecorder (pls search for usage in reference help or in this forum)

Once you have done connectors, you can get them and then use *movemark to move them to the active comp.

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